The Star of Happiness Theme Song

The Star of Happiness Theme song was written for Helen’s vaudeville act in 1920 and was recorded for us by the lovely voiced Christina B of the Starlight Girls. The Star of Happiness: Helen Keller on Vaudeville?! Historical fact and schoolyard humor collide in dr. michelle-leona godin’s autobiographical treatment of Helen Keller’s time on vaudeville. This one woman, two voice,… Read more

Announcements: The Star of Happiness is Near!

The Star of Happiness: Helen Keller on Vaudeville?! is an autobiographical treatment of Helen Keller’s time on Vaudeville wherein historical fact and schoolyard humor collide.  Yes, contrary to what you might think is the normal state of the universe, Helen Keller really did perform on vaudeville stages for four years (1920-1924).  Truth is at least as strange as fiction! So… Read more

Announcements: Happy Good Lovin Day!

This month you can find me at the following fantastic shows! Me and my accordion back up the insanity that is: THE BTK BAND Monday, February 14th, 9pm Under St. Marks Theater, $5 The BTK Band is NYC’s hardest-drinking improvised storytelling rock band. Raconteurs regale the audience with true stories from their lives while music and lyrics are improvised to… Read more

Announcements Jan 2011: Happy New Year!

This month I’ll be appearing in the following shows, so come on out and say hi! Thursday Jan 6, 10:30: the variety show to beat all: God Taste Like Chicken Camp Chicken, God Tastes Like Kool Aid, with Paulina Princess of Power, Liam McEneaney, Killy Dwyer, Harry Terjanian, Noah Levin, Bill Chambers, Joe Yoga, Chanell Futrell, Ramtim Taheri, Jacob Jampel,… Read more

The Star of Happiness @ The December Event!

On Wed Dec 22, I’ll be unveiling the first few minutes of my upcoming one-woman, two-voice show about Helen Keller’s time on Vaudeville.  The night is actually a competition which is why I hope you will come and vote for me.  I’m competing against some really wonderful performers, so YOU can’t lose! We are competing for three coveted slots to… Read more