Blind actor Leona Godin sits forlornly on park bench in "The Kerfuffle."

Theater & Film


Height: 5’6”

Hair: brown

Eyes: brown

PWD: blind

Representation: Gail Williamson, KMR Talent (TV/Film: LA/New York)


The Kerfuffle – Samantha (Principal – Two-timer) – Disability Film Challenge/Short

We Are Vagina – Voiceover/Writer – Sparrow Film Project/Short

A Blank Walks into a Blank Voiceover (Classic text)Sparrow Film Project/Short



Unsettled (Forthcoming) Blind Comedian (Ensemble) Andrew Fisher

Orleans Drag Elvis/Streetwalker Scott Paulin/Paramount



Vanda Pharmaceuticals Non-24 Suburban Mom (Principal) National Network

Communication &Etiquette When Assisting Voters with Disabilities Leona (Principal) Board of Elections NY



The Spectator & the Blind Man 18th Century MC Kraine Theater/Leona Godin

The Star of Happiness (Solo Show) Helen Keller (Vaudevillian) Kraine Theater/Randi Rivera

Fruit Machine 2 Banana (Literary Improv) New Museum Theater/Xavier Cha

Noye’s Fludde Gossip (Alto part) Arts at the Park/Lighthouse Guild

Sideshow Goshko Accordion Sidekick KGB Bar/Leslie Goshko



MN Acting Studio – On-Camera Scene Study

NYU (PhD in English) – Student, professor, lecturer

Lighthouse Guild Music School – Adult Chorus

Improv with Samantha Jones Intensive workshop



Voice: Legit choral alto

Dialects: High British, French, Southern US, New York

Dog training skills, inc. guide dog handling

Instruments: accordion, drums

Writer, singer/songwriter, storyteller

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  1. Hi Leona! I just read your Modern Love essay. It is fantastic. I could very much relate to the very end where suddenly it occurs to you most of your fellow writers in the Catskills had no one to go home to. We forget how hard it can be to find and keep love. Just wanted to send you a bit of fan mail all the way from California. Nice work.

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