Announcements: The Star of Happiness is Near!

The Star of Happiness: Helen Keller on Vaudeville?! is an autobiographical treatment of Helen Keller’s time on Vaudeville wherein historical fact and schoolyard humor collide.  Yes, contrary to what you might think is the normal state of the universe, Helen Keller really did perform on vaudeville stages for four years (1920-1924).  Truth is at least as strange as fiction! So… Read more

Hands On Display

“I need not go into any particulars about Helen Keller.  She is fellow to Caesar, Alexander, Napoleon, Homer, Shakespeare, and the rest of the immortals.  She will be as famous a thousand years from now as she is today.” -From Autobiography of Mark Twain, March 30, 1906 Mark Twain is a known exaggerator, and so if we discount him thirty… Read more

Announcements: Happy Good Lovin Day!

This month you can find me at the following fantastic shows! Me and my accordion back up the insanity that is: THE BTK BAND Monday, February 14th, 9pm Under St. Marks Theater, $5 The BTK Band is NYC’s hardest-drinking improvised storytelling rock band. Raconteurs regale the audience with true stories from their lives while music and lyrics are improvised to… Read more


The second startling Helen Keller quote I stumbled across lo those many years ago when I was a star-struck grad student taking classes with Derrida himself (really!) and thinking that being an academic was the shit, was also from the Story of My Life: “A day or two afterward I was stringing beads of different sizes in symmetrical groups- two… Read more