Our first Set In Sound video production

Words & soundscape by M. Leona Godin Photos & visionscape by Todd Jackson I Will Never Be Sorry M. Leona Godin 2012 I see that jagged desert, encircled by horizon, Topped with that great dome of exalted blue heavens above: And I will never be sorry To have felt those frozen hands that burn to thaw Or that lovely cool… Read more

Me By Any Other Name

I hate Michelle. Why I have taken so long to make a stand on dropping her is only understandable when you consider the inertia of appellation – how resistant people are to calling you by something other than what they have always called you. I’ve found open hostility to the very notion of changing this part of oneself, but how… Read more

My Second Airplane Ride by Igor GuideDog

“I am very conscious of the advantages that my fickle health gives me over our robust squares.” – Nietzsche from The Gay Science Mommy booked us a red eye night flight which seemed, while still at the airport, like a good idea since i felt sleepy and well fed – – perhaps too well fed as it it turned out.… Read more

The Star of Happiness Theme Song

The Star of Happiness Theme song was written for Helen’s vaudeville act in 1920 and was recorded for us by the lovely voiced Christina B of the Starlight Girls. The Star of Happiness: Helen Keller on Vaudeville?! Historical fact and schoolyard humor collide in dr. michelle-leona godin’s autobiographical treatment of Helen Keller’s time on vaudeville. This one woman, two voice,… Read more