First full day at doggy boot camp

  Breakfast with blind people. Very loud. Next, a “Juno” walk, wherein a simulated guide dog experience unfolds with trainer named Sue at harness front end (pretending to be dog named Juno), and me at harness backend (pretending not to be demoralized).  All the while, through the streets of Morristown, the head trainer watches to assess my skills with Juno,… Read more

I Go Bearing Gifts

  Leaving for doggy boot camp tomorrow.  Nervous and excited. Looking over my gifts.  I hope he/she likes them/me! Ah, arranged marriages…   Last time I went to The Seeing Eye (which was the first time I trained with a guide dog), I did not bring gifts.  This time I am bringing: #1 Nylabone (oh how Millennium loved to gnaw… Read more