Dr. Godin stands on stage in a large lecture hall in front of a black curtain at a lectern wearing a black sweater, black mask and tan pants. Also pictured are several students seen from behind seated and taking notes.

Talks & Teaching


Cary Memorial Library (2021): I presented “The Tap, Tapping of the Blind Man’s Cane from James Joyce to Today.”

NYU (2021): I guest lectured on the Homeric blind bard in Prof. Gilman’s graduate seminar on the epic in English Literature.

Baylor College of Medicine (2021) I presented a series of interactive talks on empathy, humility, and disability  for four groups of residents.

Rice University (2020): I was a guest lecturer in Prof. Lan Li’s “History of the Senses” course.

NYU Tandon School of Engineering (2017, 2018): I  Guest-lectured and consulted on two classes on technology, art, and accessibility taught by Claire Kearney-Volpe.

School for Poetic Computation (2017): I guest-lectured on technology, art, and accessibility in class and at events coordinated by co-founder Taeyoon Choi.

American Printing House for the Blind (2013) I was invited to present my work at one of the premiere publishing houses and museums of blindiana in the U.S. in Louisville, Kentucky



“Texts and Ideas: Antiquity and the Renaissance” (2021) NYU.

“Literary Interpretation” (2003, 2007-08, 2009, 2010-11) introduces English majors to the discipline.

“Conversations of the West: Antiquity and the Renaissance” (2002, 2005, 2007, 2009) involved the teaching of two discussion sections for the humanities general education requirement directed by Professor Ernest Gilman.

“Renaissance in England” (Summer 2005, 2006) involved the teaching of this English Department second level survey class based on the Longman Anthology of British Literature (The Early Modern Era).