Blind writer Godin points with her blind person cane at The Unisphere, Queens Museum, New York


My book, There Plant Eyes: A Personal and Cultural History of Blindness, is available in hardcover, audiobook, ebook, and now, in paperback, too!

I am the founder of Aromatica Poetica, an arts and culture laboratory for the advancement of smell and taste.


**Selected Publications**

How Alien We Seem” (nonfiction), Literary Hub, 2024.

Librarians Can Foster Blind Pride” (nonfiction), School Library Journal, 2023.

How Disability Drives Innovation and Empowers Students” (Nonfiction), ACT, 2023.

Designing with Smell in Mind: Architecture’s Neglected Sense” (nonfiction), Hunker, 2023.

Is That Ableist? Good Question.” (nonfiction), New York times, 2022.

Blind Architect Chris Downey on the Need for Multi-Sensory Spaces” (interview), Hunker, 2022.

Helen Keller and the Problem of ‘Inspiration Porn’” (nonfiction), New York Times, 2021.

“Inspiration Porn Star” (Fiction), Artificial Divide Anthology, 2021.

Reading A Drop of Patience Through a Blind-Culture Lens” (nonfiction), Penguin Random House Higher Education, 2021.

8 Memoirs by Blind Authors (nonfiction), Electric Literature, 2021.

Grants Celebrate Disability Culture (Reported) Poets & Writers, 2021.

A Review of Haben: The Deafblind Woman Who Conquered Harvard Law (review), Brevity, 2020.

After Losing My Sight, Struggling to Be Seen (Nonfiction), New York Times, 2020.

The Brain-Smashing, Pity-Bashing Art of Blind Punk (Column) Catapult, 2019.

How Helen Keller’s Stint on Vaudeville Inspired Me (Column), Catapult, 2019.

Artificial Vs. Natural (Nonfiction), Impakter, 2019

When People See Your Blindness as Superhuman (Column), Catapult, 2018.

Parting the Sea, and Why the White Cane is a Symbol of Power (Column), Catapult, 2018.

Mourning My Lost Dark as a Blind Artist (Column) Catapult, 2018.

What it Means to Practice Sex Magic (Nonfiction), Playboy, 2018.

The Blind Feeding the Lame (column), Catapult, 2018.

E-Books, Accessibility, Luddites, and the Techno-Dazzled (column), Catapult, 2018.

The Unseen Sex Lives of Blind People (nonfiction), Playboy, 2018.

Reading Blind (column), Catapult, 2018.

Cancer Vs. Blindness (column), Catapult, 2018.

Celebrating People with Disabilities in Film and Television (nonfiction), NYFA, 2017.

Vision of Loveliness: What It Takes to Have Real Style (nonfiction), O Magazine, 2017.

Two Color Poems by a Once-Sighted (poetry), The Unprecedented Review, 2016.

Likenesses (fiction), FLAPPERHOUSE, 2016.

Greek Easter 1981 (nonfiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2016.

Making a Murderer: Women and the Time It Takes (nonfiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2016.

Never Be Sorry (poetry), Quail Bell Magazine, 2016.

A Paris Wasting (fiction), Newtown Literary, 2015.

The Lost Myth of Tiresias’s Womanhood (fiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2015.

A Pain Named Dog (poetry), Eunoia Review (reprint from Kitchen Poet), 2015. (Read about it’s Nietzsche inspiration HERE.)

WE ARE LEO (nonfiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2015.

Sewing Blind (nonfiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2015.

The Buffoon of Saint-Ovide (fiction), Danse Macabre Online, 2015.

To Stravinsky (poetry), Quail Bell Magazine, 2015.

Nothing Can Hurt Me Now (fiction), Quail Bell Magazine, 2015.

The Awl (fiction), FLAPPERHOUSE, 2015.

The Spectator & the Blind Man: Seeing & Not-Seeing in the Wake of Empiricism (dissertation), NYU, 2009 (published under birth name Michelle Leona Goodin).

The Tortoisebyrd (poetry), Anamesa Journal, 2008 (published under birth name Michelle Leona Goodin).

2 thoughts on “Publications”

  1. Hello:

    I was so happy to read a most recent review of your book “There Plant Eyes”. I just ordered it and look forward to the read.
    In 2017 my blind fathers story was published in graphic novel form “The Hunting Accident”, who was a poet, writer and cellmate of the infamous Nathan Leopold.

    1. Thanks for reaching out! So happy to learn of your father. Just read a review of The hunting Accident and it sounds fascinating. I wonder if there is an accessible version out there somewhere? With image descriptions? In any case, very glad to be in touch, Leona

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